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Solvency investigation

What is a solvency investigation?

In general, a solvency investigation makes it possible to determine the ability of a natural or legal person to meet the terms of a contracted debt. It is therefore a question of verifying that a person is indeed solvent and that he has the income and assets to pay his creditor. This analysis and control make it possible to determine the assets and liquid assets of the person subject to the solvency investigation.

From a real estate lease agreement perspective , researching creditworthiness can be extremely beneficial for a landlord. Indeed, this investigation will allow him to analyze the ability to pay from a future tenant or a potential buyer.

Who can initiate an investigation in a solvency case?

Any company or individual wishing to rent or sell real estate has the right to carry out a credit check investigation. This survey will analyze the financial capacity of potential tenants or buyers.

The research will be carried out in a fair and proportionate manner in accordance with the legal framework imposed.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a solvency case?

The solvency investigation is very often carried out through administrative research. The detective will seek legal information without violating the person’s privacy.
If the private investigator is investigating an individual , he will be able to obtain information such as the person’s situation and matrimonial regime, his dependents, his professional activity or that of his spouse, as well as his job history and his real estate assets. This will allow the owner to verify the information submitted by his potential tenant. Indeed, today, many files contain falsified documents such as false pay stubs, garantors that do not exist or even modified tax slips.

If the private investigator investigates a company , he can obtain and determine its financial situation by establishing an organization chart of the company, its partners and its managers, by analyzing and comparing the balance sheets of the establishments, by analyzing the history of the legal articles and status of the company , by identifying the real estate and financial assets of the company and by researching what is the banking institution of the company. Some companies will rent warehouses, commercial premises, offices, it is then necessary for the owner to validate the financial status of the company. For this type of property, rents are often high and unpaid debts can cause harmful financial prejudice for the owner.

In addition, if necessary, a field investigation may be carried out to complete the file and the research.

Why hiring a private investigator in a solvency file?

A solvency investigation carried out by a private detective will allow the creditor to evaluate if his debtor will have the financial capacity to pay him back . The private detective will operate with great discretion gathering and compiling information and evidence.

For example, it often happens that individuals or companies use false documents when they file a rental file. The detective will thus be able to analyze the solvency of the individual and company applying to be a tenant and avoid major disappointments for the owner. The detective is an expert in searching for information and evidences, he will be able to analyze all the documents submited and discover any falsified documents.

As a preventive measure, a solvency investigation can therefore be carried out before the rental of a property. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that a good tenant, stops paying his rent. In this case, the detective can find the origin of these unpaid bills.

In the event of unjustified non-payment, the intervention of the investigator will make it possible to materialize the facts and evidence in a report receivable before the competent court.

How much does cost the intervention in a solvency file?

The rates offered will be adapted according to the research carried out and the time spent investigating. This will vary according to the complexity of the file and the investigations carried out (field or administrative investigations).

In this type of research, the intervention of a detective should be looked as an investment. Indeed, the solvency investigation report will help to avoid many financial disappointments.

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