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Prooving a sublease

Under what conditions a sublease can be considered illegal?

Subleasing is a situation when a tenant does receive money from another person to come and live in the property for a given period.

A real estate sublease must be subject to the written agreement of the lessor.
Thus, even a subleasing just one day will constitute an illegal subleasing with all the consequences.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a sublease case?

Any landlord who suspects his tenant of setting up a subleasing a property that he does own may initiate a private detective investigation.

How does the private investigator intervene in a sublease case?

The private detective will be able to carry out surveillance of the property as well as a neighbor investigation to proove that the tenant is subleasing.

No matter if we are dealing with a short term sublease or a long term one the detective will set up all the means to provide proof of evidence.

Why calling on a private investigator in a sublease case?

The intervention of the private detective for an investigation of an unauthorized subleasing will proove the violation.

The private detective’s report can then be used directly in a legal proceeding or as a support document for a bailiff report request.

The legal procedure who provides proof to the owner of an illegal property subleasing will help him to break the lease or not to renew it. The owner may also claim financial damages.

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