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Rental lease subject to the 1948 law

What is a property rental under the 1948 Law?

The 1948 rental agreement is a contract subject to the 1948 law. The terms of the contract apply for buidings built before september 1948 in cities or suburb with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

This agreement makes it possible to benefit from low rents and gives the tenant and his relatives the right to remain in the premises at the end of the lease.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation on a 1948 rental lease agreement?

A landlord or tenant can initiate an investigation on a 1948 lease file.

Indeed, both parties may have a legal interest in this specific lease contract.

What are the possibilities for a detective to intervene in a 1948 lease case?

The private detective may have to validate the fact the tenant does not occupy the property on a regular basis.

The intervention of the private detective can be done by means of surveillance of the tenant or the owner depending on the goals to be reached.

Why hiring a private detective to investigate on a 1948 rental agreement case?

The intervention of the private detective may allow the owner to reclaim the usage of his property despite the right to remain in the premises.

Indeed,if the tenant does occupy the property less than 8 months in the year, the owner will be able to recover his property unless the renter can justify with a legitimate reason.

The tenant can also request an investigation on the owner who gave a notice to leave based on the grounds that himself or a family members needed a place to live.

The intervention of the detective will establish and proove that this « notice to leave  » given by the owner was not legitimate because himself or a member of his close family does not occupy the property on regular basis.

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