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Search for heirs

What is a search for inheritors?

For a private investigators searching for heirs is to identify all the individuals entitled to receive part of the inheritance.

Who has the right to launch an investigation in a search for heirs file?

Any person in the family of the deceased or having an interest in the search for the heirs can initiate an investigation for such a case.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a search for heirs?

First the private investigator will collect as much information as possible from the client and from the family or relatives of the deceased person.

Second , the investigation will focus on internet to find the right path to organize the collection of useful information.

Third , the private detective will carry out investigations in collaboration with local authorities and the assistance of bailifs.

Finally, if necessary a field investigations will take place, in France or abroad.

Why calling on a private investigators agency in a search for heirs?

The intervention of the private detective will make it possible to identify all the potential heirs following an inheritance.

This can, for example, implies the search for the legitimate heirs who have been located and who would not have been informed on the death of the person concerned or individuals mentioned in a will who would not have been awared of the death either.

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