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Surveillance on a minor

Why put under surveillance a minor child?

The parent is responsible for the safety and education of his child, as well as being responsible for his actions. The parent therefore has a duty that his child does not commit any reprehensible act. Bad associations can influence the child to the consumption of drugs and alcohol, for example, or even eeing the victim of religious or political radicalization. Dropping out of school can be the result of these types of harmful behaviors. Identifying those signs as early as possible is important to avoid and prevent the child’s falling into a dangerous situation.

Article 371-1 of the Civil Code provides that parental authority belongs to the parents until the majority or the emancipation of the child to protect him to guarantee his safety, his physical and mental state, to ensure his education and to allow his development, with due respect to his person.

Guaranteeing the safety and education of his child is therefore an essential obligation for a parent. However, it is difficult for a parent to ensure discreet surveillance and control their child, without risking to jeopardize the trust that binds them. At this time, hiring a private detective then becomes legitimate for parents who wish to take adequate measures to protect their children.

Surveillance by a private detective is an ideal way to monitor the actions of the minor child in case of doubt.

Who has the right solicitate a surveillance on a minor child?

Any parent wishing to know more about the activities of his child, without compromising their relationship , can initiate this type of investigation.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a minor child surveillance case?

The intervention of a detective can be very useful in the context of monitoring a minor child. The private detective will develop surveillance and tailing the child in order to know his schedule and his habits. Supervision will begin as soon as the child leaves his place of residence or his school. The private detective will rely on his investigation and techniques to witness and observe the child’s activities, the places he visits, the substances he can consume, or even see if he is victim of harassment or assault.

Why solliciting a private investigator in minor surveillance case?

The difficulties of daily life, new technologies, not spending time with the children, or even illicit substances are factors that can affect the well being and good development of children. In addition, the parents’ busy schedule does not always make it possible to check and ensure the good future of the children, hence the interest in calling on a third party : A professional private investigator . The private detective will implement effective strategies that will provide answers to worried parents.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator?

The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to investigate the case. The price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis according to the needs and goals of of the parents. Do not hesitate to contact our agency to get an accurate and detailed quote. Our estimates are free.


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