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Child custody case

What is a child custody case?

A child custody file is a matter that concerns, after a separation or a divorce, the child custody rights granted to each of the parents.

To be able to apply for the custody of a child, several prerequisites are mandatory:

  • have a decent housing with a room for the child
  • have sufficient resources to meet the needs of the child
  • working hours that will preserve the stability of the child
  • be available
  • provide a stable family environment.

In any case, the most important point is the well-being of the children who find themselves in the middle of the separation.

Who has the right to carry out an investigation on a child custody file?

Parents of children both have the right to have a private investigator involved in a custody case.

What are the private investigators options of intervention on a child custody file?

The private detective can, for example, intervene to collect evidence in the context of right to visit and housing. In the event of non-representation of a child, criminal proceedings may be initiated. This non-representation is characterized by:

  • Moving away without letting know the other parent
  • Refusal to return the chidren home to the parent who has custody
  • Refusal to leave the child with the visiting parent.

The private detective will be able to set up different means of investigation such as tailing , surveillance, or an administrative investigation about on one of the spouses. The detective will always use legal methods and the evidence collected can be compiled in the custody file. Our detectives are working on regular basis with the clients lawyers.

Why hiring a private investigator to handle a child custody case?

The advantage of calling on a private detective in a childcare case is above all to allow children to evolve in a healthy environment.

The private detective will be able to intervene upstream and downstream of the Family Affairs judge ruling on the right of custody of the children.

Indeed, before the judgment, the private detective will be able to investigate the elements transmited to the judge by one of the spouses to claim custody of the children, such as : the presence of the parent or the financial ressources.

After the judge’s decision, the private detective will be able to investigate the means in which the ex-husband exercises his rights of custody and whether the children are living in good conditions. The private detective can therefore act at any time.
The report of the private detective will influence the decision the judge ‘s decision for the best interest and well beeing of the children.

How much does it costs to hire a private investigator on a child custody file?

The cost will be based on the complexity of the case. If we have to prove serious issues such as alcoholism, drugs abuse , violence, sectarianism or sexual assault, it will require more time to investigate . On average the budget to cover those type of investigations will be between 800 and 3000 euros excluding.

Do not hesitate to contact us . We will review and study your case with great attention and provide you with a quote that will meet your goals and budget.

Note: Our prices are subject to the French national sales tax: TVA. Exemption may applied.


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