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Runaway minor

What is running away?

Running away is the act of fleeing for a period of time from the place in which the minor lives. No legal definition or special provisions are to be associated to the notion of running away. Generaly speaking , running away refers to a child leaving on his own decision . The minor can leave his place of residence or even an institution (College, boarding school etc), withdrawing himself from the authority of his legal representatives.

Runaways cases are 90%, the main reason for reporting the disappearance of minors in police stations and Gendarmerie services. Most of the cases do concern minors that are living in a shelter. About 50,000 disappearances of minors are registered each year in the file of sought persons. This figure has been constant for several years. It can be a due to rebellion, be under the influence of a third party, discomfort, or even survival.

Who can carry out an investigation in a runaway case?

A runaway case of a minor child must be treated without any waiting period because it is a serious and distressing event for the parents. While running away is often adventurous, thoughtless, impulsive and short-lived, it can also grow in importance and thus put the reckless child in danger. This is why it is an obligation to contact the police and report the disappearance of the child. The police or gendarmerie services will then put all their means in action to find the child. A special service can assist and help families to manage a runaway, disappearance or parental abduction case. Their number is “116,000 missing children”, an organization that can be reached by telephone on 116,000. If despite all the efforts, the child is not found, it is possible to call on a private detective.

What are the methods used by a private investigator in a runaway file?

A runaway child can easily be the victim ofmalicious people. Often destabilized, weak and easily influenced, the minor child can turn into delinquency or be the victim of kidnapping. A runaway child is subject to the judicial authority. Any minor is placed under the responsibility of his parents. The police or the gendarmerie have the task of searching and finding the child and bringing him back to the parents.

Besides the authorities, the private detective can intervene immediately on the field and start an administrative investigation.

Why solliciting a private investigator in a runaway case?

The private detective will resume research on the same basis as the police and gendarmerie services but he will have his own approach . He will use its network all over France and they will be ready to help at any time. He will try to reach the minor by all means, question all his or her friends, family members, staff ( school , maids etc) close to the child. The private detective will check all known places that the minor is familiar with . He will make an inventory of everything the child has taken with him ( clothes, personal effects, books etc). The work of the police and the private investigator will therefore be complementary and will speed up the search for the runaway.

How much does cost the intervention of a private investigator?

Soliciting a professional can be a real asset in this type of situation. The cost will depend on the time spent and the means used to be able to investigate.

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