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Estate litigation

What is estate litigation?

An inheritance dispute is a conflict on an inheritance case following the death of a person and the splitting of the assets.

Who has the right to launch an investigation in an estate litigation case?

Any individual who has interest in the estate and the assets sharing can initiate an investigation in the context of an inheritance dispute.

What are the possibilities and the limits for a detective to search for evidences in a litigation dispute?

The private detective will be able to carry out several investigations to discover any illegal manoeuvers, manipulation, fraud or misappropriation on an inheritance.

Indeed, the private detective will be able to carry out investigations with the family or relatives of the deceased person, in particular through the drawing up of a testimony certificate called “attestation 202”.

The private investigator can also collaborate with other specialists like a graphologist to detect forgery.

Why calling on a private investigator to search for evidences in an estate litigation?

The intervention of the private detective will be able to detect fraud or manipulation in the draw up of a will. This evidences can be used in legal proceedings.

This process will validate in a court of law the will in respects of of the deceased person’s intentions.

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