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Family research

What is family research?

A family research by a private detective, is the search for a person who has disappeared.

This is case where an individual on its own decision has decided to dissapear from family members and friends , not a disturbing dissapearance.

Who has the right to launch an investigation in a family research case?

Anyone can launch an investigation to find a missing person. Usually it will be family members or a close friend.

What are the possibilities and limits of the detective intervention in a family research case?

The private detective will first collect as much information as possible from the client and the relatives of the missing person.

Then, the investigation will take place going on the internet in order to find starting points and discover the first relevant elements for the investigation.

Third, the private detective will carry out investigations mainly in collaboration with local authorities to find the whereabouts of the missing person.

Finally, a field investigations may be implemented, in France or abroad, in order to finalize and validate the results of the investigation.

The limits of this type of investigation lie in the right to disappear. Indeed, any adult person has a legal right to do so.

Thus, the person found may refuse to have the results of the investigation revealed to the client.

Why request the assistance of a detective agency in a family research case?

The experience and skills of the private detective will be key elements to find the biological parent(s) always in respect of the laws , specially their right to remain anonymous.

Every case is beeing unique. Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your goals and budget.


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