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Parental child abduction

What is parental child abduction?

Parental abduction, also known as child non-representation, is a violation of parental rights. In the context of a parental abduction, one of the parents keeps their child with him when the child should have been in the care of the other parent. The facts are punishable by law even if the child left of his own free will.

Here are the different situations that fall under parental abduction:

  • refusal to leave the child with the parent in the context of shared custody
  • refusal to return the child to his permanant home following a right to visit
  • refusal, for the parent with usual custody, to leave the child with the other parent when the latter has visiting rights
  • moving with the child without the agreement of the other parent and without providing the new contact details
  • strict abduction when a parent recovers his child without having the right to do so.

It happens, in those cases of abduction, that the health and the physical or moral security of the child are endangered. The “abducting” parent can then have parental authority withdrawn by the court.

Who has the right to initiate an investigation in a child abduction case?

Parental abduction provokes a situation of crisis and panic, especially if the victim parent knows that their child is in danger. Any person having custody of a minor, parents or grandparents, has the right to initiate an investigation in the context of a child abduction. The first thing to do is to file a complaint with the police or gendarmerie. The police will then contact the parent at fault and notify him of the tortious or even criminal nature of his action. Most often, this warning will allow the latter to become aware of the seriousness of his act. If the parent that has been victimized no longer has the contact details of the parent at fault, or if the latter has not returned the child after being contacted by the courts, calling on a private detective is a good decision.

What are the methods of investigation implemented by the private investigator in a child abduction case?

The private detective will intervene first to find the trace of the child and his parent from the clues that the victim will provide to the detective. The detective will be able to intervene very quickly and everywhere in France thanks to his network. Once the child is located, his living conditions can be verified and evidence will be collected.

A field survey as well as an administrative survey may be carried out.

Why hiring a private investigator when looking for relevant evidences in a case of child abduction?

If your child is the victim of parental abduction, the intervention of the private detective will make it possible to gather all the necessary evidence and validate their materiality. By collecting evidence, it can speed up the complaint and will be used used in litigation. The detective acts within a legal framework. The intervention of the detective can be a further inquiry on top of the police investigation.

How much does cost the intervention of a private detective?

Those type investigations are very special and sensitive , we advise you to contact directly Anthony Caudal, director of the agency. He will review your case with great care and provide you with a precise and detailed quote to achieve your goal.


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